JANACEK: The Lord’s Prayers GCCD 4042

CATHEDRAL CHOIR, OXFORD Directed by Stephen Darlington, Andrew Carwood (tenor), Clive Driskill-Smith (organ), Victoria Davies (Harp), Aline Nassif (Piano) Griffin has assembled a world-class team here for discovery recordings of Janacek’s beautiful shorter church works. The reaction last spring when BBC Radio 3 broadcast a live performance of “The Lord’s Prayer” ( Otčenáš ) was astounding, predicting exceptional interest in this recording. Another notably beautiful piece is “On the… Read More

“Middle Ages Music” with the Forbury and Holbein Consorts, and Trinity Baroque GCCD 4001

Price: £8.99 Attractive quality performances in excellent sound, of a lively selection of 22 pieces. These throw a light on the variety of music including instrumental dances which represent the period 1200-1480. Including: Se je souspir; Verbum Patris; Angelus ad Virginem; Ecco la Primavera; Deo Gracias; Je ne fais plus; O Rosa Bella; Douce Dame;… Read More

“Close of Day” Music for and from Hampton Court Palace CSACD 3051

“Close of Day” Music for and from Hampton Court Palace by the Chapel Choir, with the organ played and  the brass ensemble directed by Gordon Reynolds Price: £8.99 The Griffin label will include three recordings made in Hampton Court Palace, and this one I particular is ideal for release just before the main foreign tourist season begins in the UK. Since the worldwide success of the film “Shakespeare in… Read More

Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II CSACD 3050

x Qty:    £12.99     <!– Price Match –> <!– –> “The Coronation of H.M.Queen Elizabeth 11” from Westminster Abbey, with ECO, London Brass Fanfares and anthems commissioned by previous Monarchs, together with classic hymn settings and marches, all combine to recall the actual service and musical spectacle of the Coronation. For full information, please click… Read More

Pastyme with Good Companye CRCD 2365

<< Back to previous page x Qty:    £9.99     <!– Price Match –> <!– –> Pastyme with Good Companye CRCD 2365 Product Description Twenty-eight secular entertainments from "Olde Englande". Dances, ballads & chansons, conjuring visions of rural life, coy maidens & beautiful roses, with music echoing through the Tudor apartments and courtyards of Hampton […]

Christmas Carols from Westminster Abbey CGCD 4005

<< Back to previous page x Qty:    £11.99     <!– Price Match –> <!– –> Christmas Carols from Westminster Abbey CGCD 4005 Product Description Westminster Abbey Choir is World-famous, as is the Director Martin Neary, since he organised the music for the funeral of Princess Diana. 21 All-time favourite Carols are here sung in […]

Chant in Honour of Anglo Saxon Saints GCCD 4004

<< Back to previous page x Qty:    £11.99     <!– Price Match –> <!– –> Chant in Honour of Anglo Saxon Saints CGCD 4004 Product Description From historic Durham Cathedral, by Magificat, Philip Cave’s groupThis renowned choral group sings plainchant and Gregorian amongst twenty-five pieces from the time of Gregory the Great to Wulfstan […]